How To Destroy A Wasps Nest Safely

5 ways to protect yourself from being stung by a bee or wasp

Bees and Wasps are extremely active this time of year while they get ready for the winter.

Getting stung by a bee is painful and can be a life or death situation for those who are allergic.

There are a few things you can do to keep yourself protected from bees and wasps according to About Education.

1. Don’t wear perfumes or colognes.

Don’t smell like a flower. Bees and wasps that are searching for nectar can detect and follow strong scents even from a distance. When they get a whiff of you, they could land on you to do some investigating.

2. Avoid wearing brightly colored clothing, especially floral prints.

This seems like a no-brainer. Don’t look like a flower. They love flowers. Bright colors attract bees, neutral colors do not.

3. Be careful what you eat outdoors.

Imaging Mike and I know this first hand. Bees and Wasps love beer. Look at Mike running like a crazy person from the bees in our golf cart! Sugary foods will attract bees and wasps, so keep them at a minimum and always check before you take a sip to see if one has flown in your drink.

4. Don’t walk barefoot.

Some wasps make their nests on the ground. If you step on or near one, it will try to protect itself and sting you. Word to the wise, always check before you sit down as well. I’ve sat on a bee before… it was very unpleasant.

5. Try not to wear loose-fitting clothes.

This goes for all insects I think. Just the other day I had a pair of loose-fitting pants on. When I sat down inside I felt like something was tickling my leg. It was a huge black ant. Scared me half to death! Be careful, if a bee or wasp gets caught in your baggy clothing, it could sting you while trying to get out.

Do bees get along with wasps and hornets?

Wasps will bully bees at feeding sites, shoving and pushing them around until they fly away . Ordinary common or German wasps (yellowjackets) will sneak into bee hives and try and rob the honey. They well also kill and eat honey bees if they get the chance.

Hornets will attack honeybees and kill them by biting their heads off. They then dismember the dead body and chew up the protein-rich flight muscles and fly back to their nest and feed them to the hornet grubs which then feed some of the nutrients back to the worker hornets in liquid form.

Some species of hornet like the Asian Vespa velutina, which is invasive in Europe, will hover outside beehives swooping down and picking off individual bees one by one. A single velutina hornet can kill 50 honey bees a day this way, so it is said

Larger hornets like the Asian giant hornet Vespa mandarinia will scout out a hive full of bees and then return to their own nest and use pheromones to gather a crew of 30 or so worker hornets who then attack the hive mob handed killing all the bees inside. They then take over the beehive raiding it until every bee grub has been eaten.


The summer picnic most often comprises a lovely day spent lounging on the grass, soaking up the sun, and enjoying a well-packed meal and the company of your friends and family (and those six-legged flying moochers ready to prey on your feast!). This time of year, bees are busy seeking out sweet smells and potent flowers. All too often they find their way not to a delectable blossom, but to your al fresco fruit salad. Here are a few suggestions to safely keep the Apidae out of your summer salad.

1. Play keep-away. Unlike mosquitoes, bees are not attracted to the smell of humans but rather to the sweet scents of their perfume, hair products, lotion, and deodorant.

  • Avoid bee attention by wearing unscented products.
  • Use an insect repellent to mask the scents. Natural repellents use citrus, mint, and eucalyptus oils.
  • Dryer sheets also make effective insect repellents: tuck one in your pocket if you’re hiking or place a few under your picnic blanket.

2. Practice the art of disguise. You can mask not only the scent of your perfumes, but also that of your food with a little clever camouflage.

  • Scatter cloves or mint across your table or blanket.
  • Another idea is to set a pot or two of marigolds on the table. They look like pretty centerpieces, but their scent repels bees as well.

3. Cover up. Use lids for your food containers and your beverages. Keep trash bags or cans tightly closed as well. This will help reduce the wafting aromas that might entice these pesky insects. The scent of barbecue not only brings people to your party, it is especially compelling for bees and wasps as well, so keep that under wraps as much as possible.

4. Bait and switch. Set out a bowl or cup with some flat soda, fruit juice, maple syrup, or sugar water a few yards away from your picnic. Bees are attracted to the sugary scent and will pursue this instead of your lunch. If possible, set out the bee bait 20 minutes or so before you begin your picnic because the bees will communicate the location of the sugary food to one another. If you are using a soda bottle, remove the label so that no one but the bees tries to drink from it.

Aggressive Hornets

Hornets are one of the most aggressive types of wasp, and many are able to sting through clothing and protective gear. Like yellow jackets, hornets are very protective of their nests, which can usually be found in the ground, hollows of trees, tree branches and near roof gutters, among other protected places. Certain types of hornets, such as the bald-faced hornet, will protect its nest by employing two of its team to circle near the nest surveying the area for threats. Once these “watchmen” feel their nest is in danger, they alert their team inside, and all attack as a united group.

Wasps Are More Dangerous than Bees

While many people would consider wasps the more aggressive of the two, this is actually false.  Wasps and bees have different temperaments, and their level of aggression is often dependent on how you encounter them.  Wasps tend to conceal their nests in spaces that aren’t visible to the naked eye, resulting in unexpected encounters, whereas bees nests tend to be harder to find.  However, when one does encounter a nest, they tend to swarm in significantly larger numbers than wasps to defend their nest, making them equally as dangerous.

Wasps Don’t Produce Honey (and all bees do)

While this one may be true in your particular area of the world, it is actually false.  There are some species of wasp, particularly the Mexican Honey Wasp, that do produce honey.  In fact, according to Reader’s Digest, less than 5% of all bee species make honey.

It’s Safe to Remove a Wasp (or bee) Nest at Night

While this rumor is founded in truth, it is in fact false.  The truth is that it is significantly safer to remove a nest at night than during the day, as this is when bees and wasps are less active, but that does not mean its fool proof.  Wasps or bees that are disturbed at night still carry the potential to sting you.

General Overview Of Bookkeeping

tips for choosing the right bookkeeper

Organised, process driven and efficient

A good bookkeeper must understand your industry, your business processes and your requirements so they can hit the road running. They make sure processes are streamlined and adhered to in order to provide you with timely reporting and meet the timelines you require in your business.

Ethics and trust

This is paramount. Both parties need to feel comfortable with one another in order to build a relationship based on trust. It is important to provide all the correct information to your bookkeeper so they can keep accurate up to date records for you. It would make good business sense to protect yourself by having a confidentiality agreement in place.

Up-to-date technical knowledge

Up-to-date software knowledge is a must. Bookkeepers who are familiar in using online accounting software can automate many processes and reduce the amount of time spent on data entry.

Communication skills

This is essential to keep the lines of communication. Your bookkeeper must be aware of the business operations, goals and issues to do their job correctly. The ideal must have the ability to enhance relationships with managers, customers, suppliers and staff alike.

Ask questions

A great bookkeeper asks relevant questions. He or she will also share ideas with the business owner regarding financial-planning strategies, ways of increasing revenue, cash flow, budgeting and many other cost-saving strategies they can come up with to increase business performance and growth. With a good understanding of the business and financial position they can help grow the business while keeping costs to a minimum.

How to Choose the Right Bookkeeping Services

Whether you’re just starting your business or you’re fine-tuning your financial strategies, a professional bookkeeper can be a tremendous help when it comes to balancing your daily expenses, earnings and managing your invoices. By handing these jobs over to a specialist, you can lower your risk of error and instead use those extra hours for other pursuits. But where do you find a bookkeeper, and what do you need to know in order to choose? Read on to discover how successful businesses locate the best bookkeeping services.

Hiring Internally

While hiring an employee to take over bookkeeping may seem like a good way to keep control of your finances and the people managing them, this method often falls short in execution. For businesses without an expertise in managing bookkeeping procedures, accounting software or financial analysis, managing bookkeeping internally can be a recipe for disaster.

Hiring Freelancer or Part-Time Bookkeepers for Bookkeeping Tasks

What kind of education and experience does a freelancer have? The answer varies greatly from one worker to the next. You want to ensure your bookkeeper has professional education in the field, along with relevant experience and a good track record. Certification, licensing and insurance should all be investigated. If a freelancer makes a mistake while working for your business and doesn’t have liability protection, you’ll likely be left holding the bag. In addition, if your freelancer is working off-site, say from a home office, you’ll have to find a way to provide adequate oversight in order to prevent account mismanagement and serious mistakes.

Hiring CPAs

Hiring a CPA to do a bookkeeper’s job is usually a serious waste of resources. Not only that, but accountants rarely enjoy the work. Instead, consider hiring a CPA to advise you on financial matters requiring more expertise, like filing taxes or managing investment funds. CPAs regularly work with bookkeeping services, and may be able to recommend professionals who can fill a daily accounting role for your business at a much lower price.

Hiring Professional Bookkeeping Services

Finally, there are bookkeeping service companies that manage daily accounts for multiple businesses. They often employ CPAs for management roles to provide adequate oversight and counsel for a bookkeeper who runs into a problem. Because they work with a variety of clients, these services often have access to a wider range of tools, and because they employ so many people, they have a better chance of having the experience needed by your business. Additionally, leveraging connections to industry experts and accounting technology companies can provide extra benefits to businesses.


Finding the right bookkeeper to do your books can make a huge difference for your small business. A good bookkeeper can impact positively on the various financial aspects of your small business. These professionals have the ability to take care of all your financial obligations while you concentrate on doing other things that require your personal attention. The following are tips on how to choose the right bookkeeper for you.

Honesty and Trust:

When looking for the right bookkeeper, these two are most important things to consider when doing your search. A bookkeeper has the role of managing your finances with little input from you the business owner. Since this will be a total stranger handling your finances, it is important to hire an honest person, someone you can trust with your finances. To do this you need to thoroughly vet them before settling for one


Most business owners are moving from the traditional ways of doing business to digital methods and systems. Therefore, when looking for a good bookkeeper, ensure that he or she has a wide knowledge of various bookkeeping software and keeps a keen eye on the different market trends

Fees and Services:

Although most business owners especially those with new business tend to hire a bookkeeper based on the price; how affordable is the bookkeeper, this should be avoided. You might get a bookkeeper offering his or her services at a cheaper price yet the services are poor and this will cost you dearly. Do not be afraid to ask questions, or even negotiate the fee. Ensure that you understand the services being offered and find the best fees and services that suit your needs. Do not compromise your financial security simply because of price.


This is very important when hiring any professional. To ensure that your bookkeeper is knowledgeable, is an expert in bookkeeping, understands the different software used in bookkeeping and is professional, it is important to check his or her academic qualifications and certifications. Experience is also important. You do not want an inexperienced newbie handling your finances only to make blunders.

How to hire the right bookkeeper

Helping you with the numbers

As soon as you start a business, you have to deal with numbers. Every business, no matter how small, must keep a record of its every transaction. That includes sales, expenses, salary payments – in fact every movement of money into and out of your business.

Three reasons why you need a bookkeeper

If you’re just starting out in business, you might think you don’t need someone to look after the books. Perhaps you feel that it’s enough to let your accountant sort out the numbers once a quarter or once a year. But there are good reasons for hiring a bookkeeper

They save you time

Unless you already know a lot about bookkeeping, it’s unwise to take on this work yourself. Processing receipts, expenses and payments is only part of the work. They know how to assign expenses to particular clients. They’ll take all the numbers, enter them into your accounting software, and make sense of them. A good bookkeeper knows how transactions should be treated to provide useful business reports. It’s a skilled job, and your bookkeeper will do it much more efficiently than you can.

They understand your business

Because they deal with the day-to-day accounts, bookkeepers have a deep insight into your company’s finances. By sharing this insight with you, they can help you work out where your business should be going. They can flag any issues in time for you to do something about them. A good bookkeeper watches over your finances and helps you steer clear of trouble.

They help manage your cash flow

Accountants provide a valuable service, particularly when it comes to strategic advice, annual returns, and tax issues. But they don’t usually see your accounts every day. A good bookkeeper will keep a close eye on your accounts on a regular basis. This will help keep your cash flow under control, which is vital for business growth.

How to choose the best accounting software

Not having a good bookkeeping system in place – that would provide warning signs that the business could run out of cash – is one of the main reasons businesses fail

You can choose to set up a bookkeeping system manually (using accounting books), electronically (spreadsheets) or use accounting software. Unless you want to get familiar with bookkeeping practices, accounting software is the most efficient choice.

What to consider

Every business will have different requirements from an accounting software

When choosing an accounting software consider the following questions:

Does the system calculate all payroll requirements (PAYE, annual leave, long service leave etc.)?

Does the system track stock, work in progress, orders, jobs and other task management requirements?

Will the system be able to handle multiple bank accounts?

Does the system need to handle foreign currency?

Does the system track separate financial records for each business or department within the business?

Does the system allow for interface with other computer systems such as online payments?

Does the system keep detailed records on customers including what they buy, how often they buy and when they buy (often referred to as a Customer Relationship Manager system)?

Software options

There are many software packages on the market that allow business managers to successfully control records without an accounting degree. Some of them, such as Free Accounting Software External link (opens in same window), have no cost

Myths You Mustn’t Believe About Home Inspection

How to Find a Trustworthy Home Inspector

A home inspector will be evaluating the property that you’re interested in buying and it is important that you choose one who is reliable and trustworthy so that you can rest assured that your home inspection is carried out thoroughly. Here are a few tips on how to choose the best home inspection company

1. Ask for the Experience and Certificate of the Home Inspector

It is important to hire a person who has adequate knowledge and experience about home inspections. Since many states require home inspectors to be licensed, it is even better if you hire someone who has proper training and does this job full-time at a professional organization.

2. Ask Your Real-Estate Agent for a Reference

If you are buying a house through a real estate agent, it is convenient for you to hire a home inspector. All you have to do is to ask your agent to refer you to a trustworthy inspector and your work will be done. The reason we are encouraging you to talk to your agent is because most real estate agents interact with home inspectors on a regular basis. They know who the experts are and they are motivated to connect you with the most experienced professional.

3. Relevant Reports

Before hiring a company for your potential home to be inspected, you should ask them to show you sample reports so that you have an idea of the extent to which the home inspector will vet the house.

4. Read Reviews

The good thing about the digital age is that you have easy access to the reviews posted on websites. Independent review sites like Yelp and Google allow customers to write a review of a company based on their personal experience. This allows potential customers to choose the inspectors wisely.

Request a sample inspection report.

Home inspection reports can come in a lot of different formats, from walls of text to colorful reports with photographs. You will have an easier time reading the report if it is designed to be accessible. Any inspection company you are considering should be able to send you a sample report so you can see if the format works for you.

I would highly recommend selecting a home inspector who provides color photography of the issues they find. When it comes to home inspections, a picture is worth having. The link above shows the type of inspection report you should be looking for. Notice the vivid photos showing the issues accompanied by a description of the problem. Please note – I do not know Home Gauge as they are not in my market. This type of report, however, is what you should be looking for.

When communicating issues to the seller having pictures makes things so much easier. Sometimes it is tough for laymen to discern problems without being able to see exactly what the inspector is referencing.

Ask What You Get for the Price

Inspectors without specialized credentials typically charge around $300 to $1,000, depending on the home’s location and size, the inspector’s experience, and the scope of the inspection itself.

Some inspectors will add free services not covered by a basic inspection, such as using a drone to view the roof or placing an infrared camera on walls, ceilings, and floors to measure temperature differences that suggest the presence of damaging moisture. Others will charge extra for those services. Still others will refer you to an outside expert to do that work.

Be aware that you may have to pay extra for specialized tests that aren’t covered by the initial home inspection. Common risks that may need more testing include termites, radon, and mold.

4 Things That Fail A Home Inspection

One quick clarification: A home inspection isn’t necessarily a “pass” or “fail” test. It’s more about getting a description of the home’s physical condition and giving an assessment of what may need to be repaired or replaced in the home.

Ground sloping or draining toward the house.

In a perfect world, every lawn would have at least a 3% slope away from the home, which allows water to flow away from the home, preventing water damage. Even if the ground were graded correctly (for every 10 feet away from the foundation, the land should drop two to three inches), the house would settle, and the soil under the foundation may shift.

Problems with the foundation

Aside from water-wicking, the home inspector will look for other issues with the foundation. They’re going to look for cracks, too. 60% of homes in the US are built on land with some clay content (also known as expansive soil), which has the potential to shift up to two inches per season. A cracked foundation could mean there are framing problems, roofing issues, doors and windows that will not close, and leaks in the basement

Issues with plumbing and pipes

Plumbing problems and leaky pipes are common things that fail a home inspection. Sometimes these issues can be as simple as a leaking faucet or a slow drain, but they can also encompass larger problems, such as cross-connection issues (Where another water source is contaminating household water), or a need to replace the pipes. Plumbing is a big cause for concern because if there’s a hidden leak that’s left unrepaired, it could cause mold to spread throughout the home.


Typically when we think of harmful mold in a house, we automatically think of black mold, also known as Stachybotrys Chartarum. What a lot of people may not realize is that exposure to any kind of mold could lead to a variety of health concerns, such as respiratory problems, headaches, skin irritation, and more.

Common repairs needed after a home inspection

Beyond things that designate a property safe and habitable, home inspectors also look for issues that make your home liveable. You may be able to negotiate repairs on the following things with your seller, though they’re less likely to be mandatory:

  • HVAC issues
  • Plumbing issues like poor water pressure or leaks
  • Broken appliances
  • Roofing (if not categorized as a structural hazard)
  • Drainage issues

What’s necessary and what’s not will depend on where you are, the contract you’ve negotiated, and whether your financing is contingent on certain repairs being made.

How To Pick Event Videographer For Your Event Day

How to Choose the Perfect Videographer for an Event

Planning an event is all about choosing the right venue, making sure to pick the right menu, curating the guest list, and providing the right entertainment. But none of that will matter if there’s no one to capture the moment. Even though nowadays most phones have more than adequate cameras to shoot some high-quality pictures and videos, it all pales in comparison to what a professional videographer can do.

After all, the right videographer will not only have the right equipment but an eye trained to look for those special moments you’ll want captured for eternity. Whatever budget you set for the event must be enough to include a professional rather than trust your guests to capture snapshots of the event. And you should also be ready to invest quite a bit of time on finding just the right kind of videographer.

Set a Budget

Speaking of money, this is incredibly important. Try to do a little bit of research to get an idea of what you’ll be getting for the amount of money you’re willing to pay. Some professional videographers offer great quality for reasonable prices but a really long turn around, so you won’t be seeing the results for months after the event. Others might have a faster turnaround but work at higher rates. And of course, there are lots of videographers that have great prices and portfolios but might not have the right equipment to shoot the venue you’ve chosen. So, keep in mind your priorities when setting your budget for the videographer

Define Your Style

There are many different styles of videos and you’ll need to find one that you need. Some people opt for corporate looking videos with simple editing, while others favour a more candid approach with a more artistic style. Defining what type of video you like the most will make the process a lot easier, as videographers usually choose to work in only one style and you’ll be able to see it just by looking at what they’ve done before

Check Their Portfolios

Professional videographers have their portfolios readily available for any potential clients. Though keep in mind that some videographers hide their more “mainstream” work (i.e. Weddings, birthdays, corporate meetings, etc). That is to say that if you find a videographer that you really like but see they don’t have any events in their portfolio, don’t be afraid to ask them whether they’ve done that kind of job before. In general, you should always see their previous work before sealing the deal.

Keys to Find the Best Event Videographer

Moments are ever fleeting. Many times, we all wish that we could relive moments again. Thanks to technology, moments can be captured and preserved to keep memories fresh in our minds. By hiring an event videographer for your business or wedding, you can get professional videos and photos of special events, which can be handed down to another generation or share withing your organization

Especially in this digital age, quality images and videos are highly sought after. Sophisticated gadgets are in vogue, social media networks receive tons of images, GIFs and videos daily. It is no doubt that this has come to stay.

Identify the Type of Event

There are several types of events and so, videographers may focus their efforts towards acquiring techniques and skills in one or few of these types. Events may be corporate, personal or performance related. A corporate event may be a business conference, a major meeting or a retreat. Personal events could be a wedding or anniversary celebration while performance related events are inclusive of concerts or stage plays.

Consider Your Budget

The size of your budget is also an important factor in finding a videographer. While no one would want low quality, your budget would determine what you can afford. Hiring a videographer that is way above your budget would not be best choice.

Do Not Search With Levity

In preparing and making arrangements for your event, it is easy to shove the videography part and take it lightly. You might passively ask someone to take care of it and forget about it. However, if you want to get quality service, it is important to take the videography as serious as you take other components of your event. This way, you would be able to make a choice from several videographers and have control over quality too

Choosing the Right Event Videographer

Whether it’s a corporate event or special personal occasion, capturing important moments on video can preserve them for reflection, reminiscence, and review. There is a huge gulf between fly-by-night amateur video and the kind of images a skilled videographer can provide. When hiring videography services for corporate events, training, or marketing videos, or for personal events, knowing what traits and skills to look for can mean the difference between a beautifully shot video or a slapdash collection of random images.

The advent of digital videography has made video content more affordable and widely available than ever before. In the past, video was an expensive proposition, as the price of film and editing equipment was quite high. Today, most smartphones come with video capability, and you can easily find video editing equipment for your personal computer.

Most businesses – even small mom and pop shops – now have video content on their websites, and video will soon be the predominant form of content on the web. Companies are using corporate video for everything, including how-to videos, training videos for employees, tours of their facilities, and marketing content.

Wedding Events

Weddings are among the most important milestones in our lives, and brides, grooms, and their families want a picture-perfect reminder of their day. Wedding videographers need to collaborate carefully with their clients to get just the right tone and style for their video. While some wedding parties will want videographers to use lights and other equipment, others will want a more naturalistic wedding video. Understanding where the boundaries are is critical for wedding videographers.

Corporate Events

For corporate events, videography services need to get a good feel for the tone and purpose of the event. Is it an informal employee retreat, or a high-stakes meeting? Once they have a feel for the event, videographers will be able to shoot appropriate video. Professional videographers will need to set up lighting and sound prior to the event. They’ll also need to know where most of the action will take place so they can be sure to record important speakers and presentations.

Choosing The Right Event Videographer

How to Choose the Right Photographer and Videographer for Your Wedding

Finding good vendors for your wedding (like caterers, DJs, etc.) can be a challenge. For both of our upcoming family weddings, we are utilizing the services of wedding planners to make the process go more smoothly and keep our sanity. I’m not an expert on event planning, so I’m happy to release control to those who are – but when it comes to anything photo-related, or the best ways to tell the story of the big day, I have lots of opinions!

These days, we have the technology to capture photos and video of your event – and I recommend doing both. If you have the funds to do so, I recommend leaving room in your budget for a photographer and a videographer.

How to Choose and Hire the Best Videographer

As the latest statistics and research continue to hammer home the fact that video content is a critical component of every business’ content marketing campaign, marketing departments all over the world are scrambling to find professional videographers to fill this gap and bring their company’s content marketing strategy up to speed. Video content is a creative and engaging way to help your company stand out from the competition and a professional video production company can create video content that can be of considerable value to your business. At SteadyTake, we specialize in assembling the most qualified creative team for your video project, including skilled videographers, editors and creative support as needed. We pride ourselves on doing everything we can to ensure that our clients get what they are looking for in a video production company and we offer reasonably priced packages for a wide variety of video production needs, from entry-level packages to premium packages.

Tips for Hiring a Video Production Company

Unless you have hired a videographer or video production company before, you may not know what to expect from the process, how to prepare for it or how to know what is a fair price for the work you want. For many people, hiring a videographer to produce videos for their business may seem like a daunting task. There are countless video production companies out there offering a wide range of services that vary a great deal in price and they all promise to deliver high quality, professional video content. So how do you know that the video production company you hire will create video content that effectively markets your business?

Keys to Successful Event Video

One of the comforts in controlled shoots is that you can always try a few things to see what works with a scene. Move a light a few times. Take time to test audio with different microphones in different positions. Maybe swap cameras to see if the Canon EOS 5D Mark III gives you a better effect than the Sony PMWEX3. These comforts are welcome in those environments, but other types of shoots – particularly event video – aren’t always so controlled, and great planning must be undertaken to ensure a good final product.

Some Quick Tips to Being Prepared

Whether you are shooting wedding and event videography or school sports, you need to be prepared. There are no do-overs. Some of these tips sound like common sense, but each one has either helped me immensely, or bitten me badly when I forgot to do them. This is the checklist that I go through before I take on any event.

What Kind of Planning? All Kinds!

Before an event shoot, it’s normal to get a little bit tense. One of the best ways to get calm is to take some time to get prepared. Charge more than your camera batteries – charge up your cell phone and pack a charger. When all else fails, your phone can be your lifeline to communicate with the rest of the staff. Fill up your gas tank to avoid a stop on the way, and get your car looking presentable, inside and out, you never know if you’ll be driving a subcontractor or a client to the subway or their hotel after you’ve concluded the event

Know Who’s in Charge

When scoping an event, you’ll want to meet with your clients beforehand to get a solid understanding of their expectations – what do they want you to shoot, what are you delivering after the event, and what are the deadlines for that content.

Get a Schedule

Prior to the event, sometimes at the last minute, the client should provide you with an event schedule. If they don’t, ask for one. This will give you an idea of how the day(s) will flow, and serve as a general outline to work with. Keep in mind the time allotted to the travel from place to place. Make notes on the schedule detailing any special requests or location changes.

Office Movers Tips For Relocating Your Office

Tips for Selecting the Best Office Movers

Has your company become so large that you are no longer able to work in such a small place? Congratulations, it has officially the time come for you to relocate. You need to bear in mind that this process is complex and that it will take some time for you to make plans. One of the tasks that need special attention is selecting the best office movers. Even though there are many moving companies on the market, it does not mean that all of them are reliable. In order to avoid moving scams, read this article and you will know what to pay attention to.

Do some research

The proper way of selecting the best office movers is researching their customer history. However, before doing that you should check whether they are listed on the Better Business Bureau. If you confirm that they are licensed, go to reading customers’ reviews. Of course, bear in mind that it is not likely that you will find only the positive comments. There will always be some negative ones, but what is important is that they are the minority. In case a certain company is on the market for many years, there will certainly be a great number of reviews. People are willing to share their experiences, so, you will know what you can expect

Find out how many years they have been in business

Since there is great competition among moving companies, it is probable that only the best ones have survived. This means that a piece of information that will help you make a decision is how long they have been in business. The longer they have been on the market, the more experience they have.

When selecting the best office movers, ask everything you need to know

Do not be shy when making an arrangement with the moving company. Once you find yourself talking with their representative, make sure you ask everything you would like to know. For example, you can directly ask them to send you references from several moves of theirs. In addition to this, you should ask about the insurance for your goods, how many people will be assigned to your move, do you need to find moving boxes, etc. Once you get the answers to questions like these, it will be much easier for you to keep on with the moving process. You will know that you have a reliable partner by your side who is going to help you and do some things on your behalf. In this way, you will be able to focus on completing some others, equally important tasks

Ask them about a free moving estimate

A document that each and every reliable moving company should provide you with is certainly a moving estimate. This is a piece of paper where all of your items are listed and from which you can learn how much your relocation is going to cost. It is not likely that this amount is going to change on the day of the move. The only reason for which it can change is the fact that you have either not listed all of your items or that you have not mentioned there are some obstacles for the movers, such as too many stairs or narrow hallways. In order to avoid this from happening, make sure you mention even the most minute details. In this way, you will get a free moving estimate that will not be prone to any change


People often say, relocating a business is perhaps the toughest and most cumbersome things have to manage at the office. Imagine the amount of work that goes into the entire process! There are various thing like sorting, packing, moving and arranging which may use up too many resources. Choosing a professional company who are well experienced in such tasks is a smart move. Now that does not happen with a flick of a wand! It needs a professional and experienced team who have experience with commercial moving services to get that kind of work done.

Selecting a commercial moving company can be very challenging. There are many things to be considered when hiring a company. If an office relocation is being discussed, obviously, there will be a lot of electronic gadgets, important documents, furniture, hardware, etc. that will need relocation.

Is the moving company licensed?

The importance of this first step cannot be highlighted enough. This is a crucial step to look into while hiring a commercial moving company. Be wary of the search results when you begin your Google search for movers and packers. Do you investigation. There are inexperienced moving companies all over the internet. Avoid falling into one of their traps.

How Long Has The Company Been In Business?

Practice makes perfect. Or in the case of a company offering commercial moving services, “experience makes perfect”, it is important to select a commercial moving company which has been in the industry for long time. For sure, over the years they have become better and better at their job and will be able to provide your organization with quality moving and packing services. Though experience generally does not mean perfection, in this industry it does!

Select A Company with Affiliations:

Certifications and affiliations play a very crucial role in commercial moving services. We recommend choosing a company which has noteworthy affiliations. Look for affiliations to larger van lines along with certifications provided by the FIDI, The International Association of Movers, BSI and such others. Why are affiliations to ProMover and AMSA so important? In order to get them, a commercial moving company must meet certain criteria and standards. By choosing a certified, affiliated company, you’ll get quality service and won’t waste money on some inexperienced mover, who might end up damaging your goods. Additionally, it is important to ask for recommendations from people who have used commercial moving services before. Nowadays every company has a website. Websites are filled with sugar-coated words, and cherry-topped stretched-out truths. You can’t only go by what is written on the websites. Take some time out to check the client testimonials and the reviews sections of the company before you call them.

How To Choose The Best Office Moving Company?

If you are planning to shift your IT firm, then you will agree that office relocation can be a challenging process, as it can be time-consuming and would require you to handle several tasks at once. Apart from the hassles of packing and unpacking, it can be hard to lift or move office stuff from one building to another.

Selecting The Right Office Moving Company

The perfect moving company will help you to relocate your office in an effective and seamless manner without affecting your office productivity. The experts at the moving company are efficient and experienced to handle office moving process without any hassles to ensure that office relocation does not impact your workforce and departments. Before selecting an office moving company, it is important to consider a few pointers to choose the services of an IT relocation company.

Consider Their Years Of Experience

Always check how long an office moving company has been in this business. Only those companies that offer best services can survive in the competitive industry. Choose the company that has a long history of being a well-established business mover, which indicates that they are a trusted choice. Make sure that they have been relocating offices in and around a specific location that you are planning to move, as it will help you stay assured that they are well versed in relocating offices in that region.

Check Their Reputation

Check the website of the office relocation company and check the testimonials sections to find what their customers wish to say about their services. The real users are from real users who have chosen the moving services to shift their business establishment from one place to another.

Understand Their Pricing

It is important to understand their terms of pricing to ensure that the quote offered by the business relocation company is realistic. Know how the pricing is set for their service, whether it is for the number of hours, the volume or on square foot basis. Do not forget to ask about the add-on charges for handling very heavy office items, assembling or disassembling the furniture or for packing supplies.

Tips for Choosing Office Moving Companies

With hundreds of thousands of square feet of office space available in Phoenix for low rates, many companies decide to make their home here. Whether you are just starting out and need furniture and office equipment moved to your new location, or you are relocating your office from one place to another, you need office moving companies you can trust.

How involved are they in the process?

For a move as important as an office move, you should have a project manager assigned that follows your move through from beginning to end. You should expect a personalized visit from the moving company to go over your move.

How do they handle the move?

Do they expect you to pack your items or do they help with this? Do they set up computers after the move is over or leave that to you? What about the walls and hallways of your business? Do they leave these in good condition or is everything left a mess with ding marks and dirt?

Are they a well-recognized business?

Nowadays, if a company does not have an internet presence, you may as well count them out. With all of the online review sites such as Yelp and Google+ Local, you should be able to find a company with good reviews and a transparent presence.

Look for companies that work with other reputable organizations such as Angie’s List. Movers that have a good reputation with companies like these can be trusted.

Smart Tips to Pick The Right Office Movers

Are you planning to move to a new office? Then, you need professional movers companies that can help you arrange, pick-up, move and redecorate your belongings without it becoming a headache for you. That’s why only the best movers in Toronto will do.

Not all companies advertising as packers and movers are legitimate. In fact, some of them lack the touch of a professional and can end up in increasing stress level, leaving you to clean up their mess. In order to ensure that moving offices does not become an issue for you or your company, you need to do your due diligence.

Check the List of Companies in your Area

The first step is finding a list of the companies that service your area. Depending on the distance of your transport, the number of companies will vary. For example, if you’re travelling interstate, not all companies will be able to help you. This is because interstate transport requires special permission and documentation. Alternatively, intrastate transport is easier and you’re likely to find more suitors. The best way to be sure of their operation area is giving them a call and confirming their availability.

Ask for Recommendations

Once you have prepared the list of companies, talk within your peer network to seek recommendations. This is one of the best ways to find the best movers in Toronto, exclusively since they have already been tested. As a result, it clear ground zero for you and you know that they can perform as per your need.

Ask for a Quote

Use the information gained from points 1 & 2 to filter the list and create a shortlist of the companies that you would like to hire. Once that’s done, get in touch with their representatives and ask for a quote. You can get their email address and phone number from their website. It shouldn’t take more than a week to get a response, but in case it takes longer, do not be afraid to remind them. However, if there are further delays, it can be early signs of their unprofessionalism.

Considerations When Installing A New Electric Circuits

Guide to Buying An Electrical Circuit Breaker

A large safety concern in both residential and commercial buildings is overloading or causing a short circuit within the electrical circuit.  The component that is used to prevent this from occurring is an electrical circuit breaker.  A circuit breaker is used to protect the circuits within your home or business.  If a fault is detected within the circuit the system will cause a break in the electrical current flow causing the system to come to a halt.

The type of circuit breaker you choose to purchase will depend on a number of things.  In order to purchase the correct electrical circuit breaker you need to clearly understand your needs and the needs that will be placed on the system.  When purchasing a new or refurbished circuit breaker, your electrical supplier will discuss several factors with you to help you select the best breaker for your needs.

The first thing an electrical supply company will ask you about when purchasing a circuit breaker is the amount of electricity that will be flowing through the breaker.  The voltage load of the circuit breaker you choose will depend heavily on the equipment that will be used on the circuit as well as the overall load of electricity that will run through the circuit.

There are three main voltage categories when it comes to circuit breakers.  Low voltage circuit breakers are used in residential electrical circuits.  A low voltage electrical circuit breaker works best in households and can handle a max load of 1000 volts.  Medium electrical circuit breakers are suitable for buildings and office settings.  A medium breaker is good for use when voltage requirements are between 1000 and 72,000 volts.  Large electrical circuit breakers handle voltage loads upwards of 72,000.  Large breakers are typically used for high voltage power transmission lines.

The next consideration of various circuit breakers is the mounting style.  The two main components are fixed mounted circuit breakers and removable mounted circuit breakers.  A fixed mounted circuit breaker is mounted so that it cannot be removed without removing the main connections and mounting supports.  A removable mounted circuit breaker has two parts, the base and the actual breaker.  The base is bolted and hardwired to the frame where is the breaker is plugged into the base.  This system can be replaced without having to rewire

Electric Circuits

Suppose that you were given a small light bulb, an electrochemical cell and a bare copper wire and were asked to find the four different arrangements of the three items that would result in the formation of an electric circuit that would light the bulb. What four arrangements would result in the successful lighting of the bulb? And more importantly, what does each of the four arrangements have in common that would lead us into an understanding of the two requirements of an electric circuit?

The activity itself is a worthwhile activity and if not performed before, one ought to try it before reading further. Like many lab activities, there is power in the actual engagement in the activity that cannot be replaced by simply reading about it. When this activity is performed in the physics classroom, there are numerous observations that can be made by watching a class full of students eager to find the four arrangements

Light Bulb Anatomy

Once one group of students successfully lights the bulb, many other lab groups quickly follow suit. But then the question emerges as to what other ways that the cell, bulb and bare wire can be arranged in such a manner as to light the bulb. Often a short light bulb anatomy lesson prompts the lab groups into a quick discovery of one or more of the remaining arrangements.

A light bulb is a relatively simple device consisting of a filament resting upon or somehow attached to two wires. The wires and the filament are conducting materials that allow charge to flow through them. One wire is connected to the ribbed sides of the light bulbs. The other wire is connected to the bottom base of the light bulb. The ribbed edge and the bottom base are separated by an insulating material that prevents the direct flow of charge between the bottom base and the ribbed edge. The only pathway by which charge can make it from the ribbed edge to the bottom base or vice versa is the pathway that includes the wires and the filament. Charge can either enter the ribbed edge, make the pathway through the filament and exit out the bottom base; or it can enter the bottom base, make the pathway through the filament and exit out the ribbed edge. As such, there are two possible entry points and two corresponding exit points.

The Requirement of a Closed Conducting Path

There are two requirements that must be met to establish an electric circuit. The first is clearly demonstrated by the above activity. There must be a closed conducting path that extends from the positive terminal to the negative terminal. It is not enough that there is simply a closed conducting loop; the loop itself must extend from the positive terminal to the negative terminal of the electrochemical cell. An electric circuit is like a water circuit at a water park. The flow of charge through wires is similar to the flow of water through the pipes and along the slides at a water park. If a pipe gets plugged or broken such that water cannot make the complete path through the circuit, then the flow of water will soon cease. In an electric circuit, all connections must be made and made by conducting materials capable of carrying charge. As the cell, bulb and wire experiment continues, some students explore the capability of various materials to carry a charge by inserting them in their circuit. Metallic materials are conductors and can be inserted into the circuit to successfully light the bulb. On the other hand, paper and plastic materials are typically insulators and their insertion within the circuit will hinder the flow of charge to such a degree that the current ceases and the bulb no longer lights. There must be a closed conducting loop from the positive to the negative terminal in order to establish a circuit and to have a current.

Electric Circuits Review

A water ride at a water park is analogous to an electric circuit. First of all, there is an entity which flows – water flows in a water park and (in conventional terms) + charge flows in an electric circuit. In each case, the fluid flows spontaneously from a high energy location to a low energy location. The flow is through pipes (or slides) in a water park and through wires in an electric circuit. If the pipes or the wires are broken, then there can be no continuous flow of fluid through the circuit. A complete loop is required to establish the circuit.

This flow of fluid – whether of water or charge – is possible when a pressure difference is created between two locations in the circuit. In the water park, the pressure difference is the difference in water pressure created by two locations of different heights. Water flows spontaneously from locations of high pressure (high altitude) to locations of low pressure (low altitude). In an electric circuit, the electric potential difference between the two terminals of a battery or energy source provides the electric pressure which presses on charge to move them from a location of high pressure (high electric potential) to a location of low pressure (low electric potential).

Energy is required to move the fluid uphill. In a water park, a water pump is used to do work upon the water in order to raise it from the low height back up to the high height. The water pump does not supply the water; the water which is already in the pipes. Rather, the water pump supplies the energy to pump the water from the location of low energy and low pressure to the location of high energy and high pressure. In an electric circuit, the battery is the charge pump which pumps the charge through the battery from the location of low electric potential energy (the – terminal) to the location of high electric potential energy (the + terminal). The battery does not supply the electric charge; the charge is already in the wires. The battery simply supplies the energy to do work on the charge in pumping it uphill.

The flow of water at a water park is analogous to the flow of charge in an electric circuit. The rate at which charge moves past a point on a circuit as measured in Coulombs of charge per second (or some comparable set of units) is known as the  current. In our analogy, the fluid which flows is water and the rate at which the fluid passes any given point is the current.

Electric Circuit Studio

Electric Circuit Studio (ECStudio) is a set of tools used for building electronic circuits, SPICE simulation, and calculation of circuits. These tools are complemented by the information center containing resources, connector pinouts and interactive book explaining basic electrical theorems, laws and circuits. It is a useful application for all electronics hobbyists, students, or other people with an interest in electronics.

Schematic editor and SPICE simulator allow easy creation of circuit diagrams and SPICE analysis of the created circuits. ECStudio simulator is focused on visual representation of simulated results, such that simulated voltages and currents can be placed elsewhere in the circuit, as a text or graph. Moreover, the magnitude and polarity of voltages and currents can be represented by visual indicators, so you can check the results quickly. All results can be additionally displayed on the top plot, where they can be explored using two cursors

DC, AC and Transient analyses are supported. The simulation can be run repeatedly (in Transient analysis) and results can be displayed consecutively with a user controlled speed (in all analysis types), or all simulation results are displayed immediately. When the results are shown consecutively, you can control parameters of circuit elements by the seek bar and see the change of results in real time

The application supports two modes: Normal and Restricted. The Restricted mode differs from the Normal mode in that the size of the drawing canvas is restricted to the size of the circuit, elements cannot be inserted, moved, rotated, flipped or deleted, and the undo, redo, saving and opening circuits are not allowed. This mode is intended to be used only for simulation of circuits.

The application uses the shared storage to store circuits, pictures, models, screenshots, exported and log files. This storage is usually internal memory, or it can be an external SD card. The location of the application directory is Documents/ElectricCircuitStudio (or Documents/ECStudio for the users who installed ECStudio versions below 2.2). Note: the Pictures subdirectory is deprecated, as the Pictures can now be inserted through the Picture Selection window

A sequence to develop ideas about simple electrical loops

Electrical loops are rather pervasive, as they are such a convenient way of getting jobs done. That’s because electrical loops are good at powering things, and because that power can be controlled. So it makes some sense to start off by looking at the jobs that electrical loops can do for us in the lived in world, and to move from there to creating and varying loops for themselves.

There is some practical difficulty in investigating mains electricity: not helped by the fact that many mains plugs and sockets have three terminals. Therefore we’d suggest not trying to make too careful a link between these early explorations and later work with making loops. ( There is a clear connection, but it’s not simple – you can see more in the SPT: Electricity and energy topic.)

There is however plenty of simple practical activity that can be used to get children off on the right track in thinking about electrical loops. As much of this involves making things there are opportunities for strong links with other parts of the curriculum.

A sequence for developing the idea

This is a rather short sequence focusing on electrical loops, once we have established the pervasiveness of electricity.

We think it’s very helpful to think in terms of loops, as all electrical circuits are made of loops. Finding the loop, breaking the loop, making the loop and choosing what to put in the loop are all useful activities they get children thinking along the right lines. Each loop needs thinking of as a whole if you are to understand it and that’s a further advantage of thinking about electrical circuits in terms of complete loops

Benefits Of Hiring Professional House Cleaning

How to Choose a Home Cleaning Service

If the mess of your home stresses you out but you just don’t have the time or patience to keep it in order—you may want to consider hiring a home cleaning service to help lighten the load. Before you do, use these tips to hire the best home cleaning service for you and your home. A home warranty is another great investment to keep your home in top shape.

How to choose a home cleaning service

The first thing to decide when choosing a home cleaning service is whether to hire an individual or a professional cleaning service.


An individual can provide a more personal touch—it may be easier to get to know them, give them specific directions about how you’d like your house cleaned, and you may feel more at ease when they’re in your home around valuables or breakable items.

Cleaning companies

A housekeeping company is a good choice if you’d like the work done quickly, as they usually send out several employees at once to clean your home. A company can often accommodate your specific schedule. There will always be back up employees, so it’s less likely a cleaning service will cancel or run late.

Choosing who to hire

Recommendations from friends and family can be the most helpful way to find a reputable cleaning service or individual.

Simple Tips on How to Choose the Best House Cleaning Service

Before you book a house cleaning service…

When looking for the best house cleaning service, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with information overload.

Sorting through websites, getting quotes, and speaking with each provider could take several days, maybe even weeks, to go through. Even then, you still may not be sure whether you’re getting the most out of your money or not.

Decide what you need cleaned in your home

What do you really need help with? First of all, it’s important to take stock of the things you really want cleaned because not all cleaning services perform the same services. For example, some do your laundry, make the beds, wash the dishes, etc. – so it’s important to know what you need before you book and make sure that the company you hire does those tasks.

Frequency matters

Need a monthly cleaning, bi-weekly, or weekly cleaning? Or maybe just a one time clean for moving out? Take a really close look at how often you need house cleaning appointments. Maybe you can get away with bi-weekly cleanings instead of weekly?

Look Up Reviews Or Ask Friends For Recommendations

Asking friends, family and coworkers who have had hired a house cleaning service before for their recommendation can save you a lot of headaches because you can be relatively sure that if they had a good experience, you will too. That’s one of the main ways Scrubbi grew the way we did.

How to Find and Hire a Maid Service

Looking for a House Cleaner?

Keeping a home clean can be a never-ending chore that consumes much of our free time. If life seems to revolve around mopping, vacuuming, dusting and changing bed linens, hiring a professional housekeeping service in your area may be the solution.

This guide covers everything to expect from a housekeeping or maid service including package options, what questions to ask and what they charge. This guide is for a service, not a live-in housekeeper who typically has more responsibilities such as laundry.

Depending on your location or the company you use, these services are referred to by several names: housekeeper, cleaning service or maid. “Maid” historically referred to a salaried, live-in employee of wealthy homes who ran the household much like a butler. Today, it’s just another name for a housekeeper.

Steps to Choosing the Right Cleaning Service

Choosing the right service is a straightforward process of research and asking the right questions. This guide covers all these steps to getting the right service for your needs.

Professional Cleaner vs. Personal Organizer

Before you choose a housekeeper, ask yourself if you really need it. If what you’re trying to avoid is a cluttered mess, you may want to opt for a personal organizer. They organize your space, design better storage solutions and help you get – and stay – clutter free.

How to Choose the Best House Cleaning Service

If you’re anything like me, you’ll know how boring house work can be. For the majority of home owners, maintaining your house can be an uphill battle especially when you’ve got so many other tasks to juggle at too. It’s true, hiring a home cleaner might be one of the best things you can do, not only will you save time but you’ll also get precious time back in your day to do things you actually enjoy.

There are plenty of choices for house cleaning services: you can choose to hire an individual to work with on a regular basis or it might be just as easy to use a reputable cleaning company where you know you are working with trusted and vetted home cleaners.

Do They Suit Your Schedule?

Before you look at cleaning services, you need to decide how often you want a cleaner to come to your home. Firstly, how much do you need to clean? Secondly, and maybe more importantly, you need to make a decision on the frequency your home will be cleaned.

Do They Understand Your Expectations?

A vital step in hiring a cleaning company is making your expectations clear. During an in-home or a phone consultation with a prospective cleaning service, communicate your concerns and expectations, so the company can provide you with a pricing and a cleaning scope that meets your specific demands.

Are They Responsive To You?

A good cleaning company will focus on the customer experience from the time you inquire about the services, until the time they complete the cleaning services. If you find that the company is responsive and takes the time to address all your concerns about the service, then it is most likely that you will have a great experience in hiring that company. This is because responsiveness is one of the first indicators of a cleaning company’s consistency, reliability and whether you can trust them.

How to choose the right cleaning service this spring

It’s almost spring time! Most people cannot wait to open their windows and doors and let in the fresh air and cleanse their homes.

Well, maybe not. Some of us nowadays do not have the time or really the inclination to do our spring cleaning ourselves. Better Business Bureau Serving Acadiana is sharing some tips with consumers on choosing the house cleaning service that is right for them.    

Do Your Research. Ask friends, family members, and neighbors to recommend a reputable cleaning business or individual. Check out the businesses through to read reviews or complaints on them. Beware of businesses with poor reviews and multiple complaints, more importantly see how they address them.  Always look for the BBB Accredited Business Seal.

Interview Candidates. Interview multiple candidates to determine if you would rather hire a large cleaning business or an individual cleaning person. During the interview you should be able to meet with someone from the cleaning business, as well as, with the person who will actually be cleaning your home. During the interview process find someone you feel comfortable with since they will be working in your home.

Check Credentials. Any individual or business you hire should be registered*, bonded and insured to work in your home. This will protect you in the event something is broken, stolen, or if someone gets injured on the job.  Whether you hire an individual or a business, be sure to request that the employees working in your home have a background check done, or you may want to complete one on them yourself for peace of mind.

What Pest Control Techniques Get Rid Of Wasps Flying Around

Tips For Keeping Wasps Away From Your Yard And Garden Throughout The Year

Wasps are almost a year-round problem in Jacksonville. But they don’t have to be an almost year-round problem for you. There are many ways you can make your yard resistant to wasps and prevent them from becoming a threat in spring, summer, and fall. Here are some of our top wasp prevention tips for these seasons

Spring (nest detection)

This is the time of year when wasps work hard to create new nests. Since social wasps have a strong nest-protection instinct, it is best to catch and eliminate wasp nests before they can grow into a problem. The center of spring protection should be an inspection of your property, identification of wasp nests, and removal of those nests. Where a wasp will create her nest depends on what type of wasp it is.

Some wasps species establish aerial nests. These can be found on tree branches, under overhangs of man-made structures, clinging to an upper corner of an unenclosed porch, in the rafters of a barn, etc. They can also be found stuck to the side of a home.

Some wasps create nets inside cavities. If they can find a hole in your exterior walls, they’ll get in and make a nest in your wall voids. You can tell this has happened when you see wasps entering and exiting your home. These wasps can also create nests in unexpected cavities, such as the hollow spaces inside a piece of stored furniture in a shed, barn, or attic space. If you hear buzzing in a storage area, take precaution.

Some wasps create nests in ground holes. If you have holes in your yard and you see wasps entering and exiting, be careful how heavily you walk around on the ground. Vibrations can set these wasps off and cause them to swarm and sting.

Summer (moisture)

All year long, wasps grow their populations. They do this by feeding on nectar and by bringing protein back for their larvae to feed on. Protein sources usually come from caterpillars and other bugs. The more bugs you have in your yard, the more visitations you’re going to have from wasps. You can reduce bugs around your home by reducing moisture. Bugs love moist environments

Fall (exclusion)

As winter approaches, wasps prepare newly hatched female wasps for overwintering. After the first hard frost, wasp nests are going to die and all of the workers are going to die with them. Only the future queens survive. These future queens can be found searching homes for a place to hide from the approaching winter chill. Your goal should be to keep them from getting in.

Wasps on Your Deck? Tips on What To Do

The deck often becomes an outdoor version of the family room in summer. All too often, your family gets ousted from this outdoor space by a family of wasps who have deemed the deck the perfect property for their new home. Are you ready to take back your deck? Here are some simple tips to get rid of wasps on your deck and keep them away.

Destroy the Nest

There are many ways to destroy wasp nests, from aerosol pesticide sprays to more natural methods using dish soaps and shop-vacs. A professional exterminator is also a good resource for destroying and removing nests and offering tips on how to keep the wasps away in the future. Regardless of the method you choose, your best bet is to attack the nest at night, when wasps are least aggressive and have slower reaction times

Remove the Nest

Once all wasp activity around the nest has stopped – usually within a day of extermination – knock down the nest or scrape it off the deck. Leaving an inactive nest in place can attract unwanted scavenging insects, such as carpet beetles or ants. While they may be less scary than a stinging wasp, these pests can bring with them a new set of problems.

Stop Wasps from Returning

Unfortunately, wasps like building nests on and under decks because they often provide shelter

Wasp Traps – You can purchase these traps at the hardware store or make your own out of buckets filled with sugar water, vinegar, and a small amount of mild dish soap. Wasps will fly into the traps and drown, so the traps should be emptied regularly. Set them out in early spring to trap the queen and prevent colonies from forming.

Natural Wasp Control

Wasps can be solitary or social, and there are even wasps that don’t sting at all. The best way to prevent unpleasant encounters with social wasps is to avoid them. If you know where they are, try not to go near their nesting places

Wasps can become very defensive when their nest is disturbed due to their chemical communication. Wasps and bees release an alarm pheromone that marks their target and alerts the colony to attack. This can happen even when wasps are feeling threatened, not just when they sting or are injured, as some people believe. Wasps can present their stinger mid-air, releasing the alarm pheromone even from a casual swat.

Wasps are so much more aggressive than bees because they are predatory and very protective of their young. They are particularly aggressive during the last months of summer.

If you can’t avoid wasps, try repelling them using a fake nest such as the ‘Bee Free Wasp Deterrent’. These fake nests work because wasps are territorial and do not want to build a nest near another wasp’s nest. Failing that, you can use a non-toxic wasp trap, such as the Glass Wasp Trap or the Yellowjacket and Wasp Trap.

Types of Wasps

Several types of wasps build paper nests that hang under eaves and from trees: the bald-faced hornet, yellowjacket, and paper wasp. All of these are social wasps, which can be aggressive and can sting you repeatedly.

Dealing With Wasps Around Your Home

You know them by their buzzing, their numbers, and their painful stings. No one wants to find wasps in or around their home but the warmer the weather gets, the greater your chance of ending up with a wasp infestation.

Finding a Wasps’ Nest

Identifying a wasp situation typically starts with finding the nest. In most cases, wasps nests are out of sight and can usually be identified by a steady stream of wasp activity to a hole in your home, underneath roof eaves, or through your soffits. Wasps tend to congregate in high-ground areas like the roof to maintain a lay of the land. If you regularly encounter one or more wasps when enjoying your yard, you’ve probably got a wasps’ nest on your property

Wasps send out scouts like many other species to seek out food, particularly sweet smells and rotting flesh. They’re a swarming species which means when one finds a snack they’ll immediately return to the nest to tell the rest of the clan. It’s uncommon to find wasp nests indoors (although it does happen!) and/or underground, but if you can’t find a nest outdoors you should bring in a professional to help you identify the problem.

If you do happen to find a wasps’ nest in or around your home, NEVER attempt to remove it yourself as you could be stung by dozens or even hundreds of wasps at once, causing serous bodily harm. An exterminator can help you remove the nest safely and efficiently.

Dealing With Wasps

There are hundreds of species of wasps, the most common of which are English wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets. Bees and wasps are often confused, but a good rule of thumb is to look for yellow, red, or brownish coloring; if you see these colors you’re most likely dealing with wasps. Wasps also tend to be smaller and less hairy than most bee species.



Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to wasp prevention. If you have wasp’s nests in the past, you are very likely to have them form again. The best way to prevent wasp’s nests is to understand how they choose where to build their nest.


Wasps nests locations are not located randomly but are actually carefully considered by the queen wasp. The first thing the queen wasp looks for is shelter from rain and dampness. They look for a dark secluded area where they will not be interfered with.


Wasps travel far from their nest in search of food, water and nest building material, so you may have a high volume of wasps in your home and garden without having a nest in the nearby vicinity. If you want to reduce the amount of “free flying wasps” around


If you’re feeling daring, a wasp trap is very easy to make.

Cut the top off a large plastic bottle.

Place the top the bottle, cap first, back into the waterbottle so that it makes a funnel.

For bait, add a fruit juice or a fizzy drink.

Do It Yourself Kitchen Remodeling

Choosing Kitchen Cabinets Where To Start & What To Know

Choosing kitchen cabinets is probably the biggest if not the most nerve-wracking decision you’ll make for your kitchen. It’s easy to understand since the cabinets have a big impact on your budget as well as how your kitchen looks. They’re one of the first things you see when you walk in a kitchen and have a large influence on the whole “feel” of the room.

Looks aren’t the whole story however and with cabinets there is an element of ‘you-get-what-you-pay-for’. That’s because they’re made with a variety of construction techniques using several different materials in a “good”, “better”, “best” fashion. Besides that there are options to consider like full extension drawers, soft-close hinges and many others, and they can have a big impact on the overall cost.

If you’re now thinking that you’ll need to mortgage the farm to afford decent cabinets, don’t worry. You can still find good products at an affordable price and it doesn’t have to incorporate the absolute best materials or the latest organizer gizmos.

Just be aware however that cabinets generally consume about half of the typical kitchen budget so you’ll want to be sure you know what you’re getting for your money. The best way to do that is to understand the differences in construction and materials and how those elements impact their quality and durability.

Choosing Kitchen Cabinets – Where Do I Begin?

The first thing you want to do is get some clarity on your goals for how you want your kitchen to look and function so that you’re ultimately satisfied with the end result. You should do this regardless of whether you’re replacing your existing cupboards (essentially staying with the same layout) or starting with a completely new layout plan.

Smart Strategies for Kitchen Remodeling

Homeowners spend more money on kitchen remodeling than on any other home improvement project. And with good reason: Kitchens are the hub of home life and a source of pride.

A significant portion of kitchen remodeling costs may be recovered by the value the project brings to your home. A complete kitchen renovation with a national median cost of $65,000 recovers about 62% of the initial project cost at the home’s resale, according to the “Remodeling Impact Report” from the National Association of REALTORS®.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Planning your kitchen remodel should take more time than the actual construction. If you plan well, the amount of time you’re inconvenienced by construction mayhem will be minimized. Plus, you’re more likely to stay on budget.

Study your existing kitchen: How wide is the doorway into your kitchen? It’s a common mistake many homeowners make: Buying the extra-large fridge only to find they can’t get it in the doorway.To avoid mistakes like this, create a drawing of your kitchen with measurements for doorways, walkways, counters, etc. And don’t forget height, too.

Think about traffic patterns: Work aisles should be a minimum of 42 inches wide and at least 48 inches wide for households with multiple cooks.


Our kitchen remodel plans are moving right along and while there are lots of little decisions yet to be made, my kitchen design got finalized this week and I’m so excited to be sharing it with you! And I’m not only sharing my design plans but also the path I took from the very start of my planning to when I printed out the final kitchen design. Several of you have told me that you have plans for a future kitchen remodel but don’t even know where to start and I hope that by walking you through my entire kitchen design and renovation process from start to finish, it will make it that much easier for you to plan your own kitchen renovation down the road. And for those of you who aren’t planning a kitchen renovation any time soon, I hope you’ll still enjoy following along and sharing in the decision making and the fun of seeing the space come together (and sharing in the stress too as renovations are always full of unexpected twists and turns, right?!).

So let’s get this renovation roller coaster going starting where all of my kitchen planning began… choosing cabinets. I’m excited to be partnering with MasterBrand Cabinets for my kitchen renovation (their Diamond cabinets are a perfect fit for me!) and am kicking things off with what led me to decide that they were the best-fit partner for my renovation


Cabinets are a huge chunk of most kitchen remodel budgets and not something that you’re likely to change again for a long, long time so choosing the right brand of cabinets is important. And overwhelming! A good first step before jumping into cabinet shopping is to figure out your cabinet budget and whether that translates to looking at stock cabinets (such as cabinets on the shelves at home improvement stores), semi-custom cabinets, or custom cabinets. Also, make a list of what cabinet features are most important to you. My main cabinet must-haves were a semi-custom line with the option for all plywood construction (vs. less durable particle board), good interior cabinet organization and storage solutions, and a nice palette of color stains and paints to chose from. My current kitchen rates high on the scale of dysfunctional spaces so features like {this paper towel cabinet} where I would not only have a pull-out can for my trash but also one for my recycling AND a spot for a paper towel roll had me drooling!

Once I had a good sense of what I was looking for, I asked anyone and everyone in “the know” about cabinet brand recommendations. While the advice of friends is always helpful, reaching out to contractors who frequently remodel kitchens along with interior/kitchen designers who have worked on lots of kitchens is key. I was lucky enough to be attending a conference early last year with several interior design friends so you can bet that I picked their brains not only about cabinets, but countertops and appliances too! I found that several of the brand names recommended to me (KitchenCraft, Decorá, & Diamond) all linked back to the same parent company, MasterBrand Cabinets. I also asked my contractor who recommended that I look at Schrock cabinets because he had a great experience with them and chose them for his own home and I found myself right back on MasterBrand’s website yet again


Just like when you’re choosing paint colors for your walls, I found that the key to choosing finishes for my cabinets was to get finish samples to view in my own home. For stain finishes, the same stain can look quite different on different types of wood so be sure to keep that in mind (I liked all of the stains on maple the best!). Going into choosing my cabinet finishes, I knew that I wanted to have white cabinets around the perimeter of my kitchen because not only do I love the look but I wanted to make sure I used a color that wasn’t too taste-specific since I have an eye on resale a few years down the road (and who doesn’t love white?!). There are about 1001 different shades of white out there but I didn’t need to go seeking anything custom because Diamond’s white color is perfect – not too cool or too warm. My decision for the kitchen island was a lot harder because there were so many beautiful options that would have been great choices. I love the look of a wood island and considered going with a wood stain but since our floors are going to be wood I decided that it might be a little bit of wood overkill. I thought that Diamond’s Seal (a gray stain), Morel (a midtone wood stain with just a touch of gray), and Storm (a charcoal gray/black stain) were all gorgeous so if any of you are looking for a beautiful wood cabinet finish, definitely check those out. For paint finishes, I loved Moonstone (a dark, rich gray), Cloud (a beautiful light gray), Egret (a light taupey neutral), and Maritime (a rich dark blue). The winner was… Moonstone! I LOVE this color so much and being the gray loving girl that I am, it will flow beautifully with the colors in the rest of my home.

Tips for Choosing the Best Kitchen Cabinets

It is not possible to have a functional kitchen without cabinets. They are an essential part of the kitchen. It is not possible to have an organized kitchen without cabinets.

Consider the Kitchen Style

There are several kitchen styles which are suitable for traditional and modern kitchens. It is important to choose cabinets which match with the color scheme of your kitchen

Choose the Material

There are a wide range of materials which are used for making cabinets. You can choose from stainless steel, melamine, metal, wood, or thermo foil. One of the most popular choices for cabinets is still solid wood.

Choose the Right Design

There are so many options when it comes to styles and colors of doors. There are also countless possibilities when it comes to the layout.

Aesthetics and Functionality

While choosing cabinets, you should not just focus on the beauty and look of the cabinets. You can choose the best cabinets by considering the available space. You can also add drawers under the counters of the kitchen instead of shelves

Kitchen Remodel Checklist

Let’s face it, in a nation where home renovation long ago surpassed baseball as the Great American Pastime, kitchen nightmares are a dime a dozen — and anyone who’s ever traded Formica countertops and a Harvest Gold fridge for soapstone and a stainless steel side-by-side knows exactly what we’re talking about.

Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

Kitchen remodeling is at the top of homeowners’ wish lists. It is also, according to attorneys general across the country, a leading source of consumer complaints. Recommendations from friends are the best place to start your search for a qualified contractor. But before you make a decision, keep these caveats in mind.

They’re only as good as their last job. “General contractors often win jobs based on their good reputations,” explains architect Dennis Wedlick, author of Good House Hunting: 20 Steps to Your Dream Home. “But circumstances can change. When the contractor switches subcontractors or laborers, quality can be affected.” Ask your top three candidates to supply references, and follow up with the most recent ones.

Essential Questions to Ask References

1. What were the contractor’s work habits? Did he show up on time and prepared to supervise the subs?

2. Did he stick to the scope of the work and cleanup plan as outlined in the contract? Were any unauthorized changes of materials or details made?

3. Did your project stay on or close to budget? Did materials arrive on time? Did he keep you up to date on his progress or potential delays?

4. Did anything go wrong? And if so, how — and how quickly — was the crisis resolved?

Kitchen Project Planner Checklist

An experienced designer can save you time and money by heading off potential problems at the pass. Kitchen planners know all the tricks: how to maximize storage, smart substitutions for high-end materials, even the best local contractors for the job. But first, they need a few things from you.

A Good Criminal Defense Attorney Is Your Ally


Law is so large an entity that no definite word or phrase can actually define it. This is because there are different laws to cater to different situations of life. There is civil law, which is the law that relates to laws connected with personal relationships, marriages and interpersonal circumstances like a personal injury case. On the other hand, criminal law is that branch of law that defines a crime, the victim and the violator of the law.

As criminal law is a large branch in the field of law, this branch is again divided into two sections. Each of these sections has its own professional criminal defense lawyer. The first section of criminal law is criminal procedure, which defines how a trial has to be conducted. With criminal procedure law, it is proven how claims have to be examined and how proof of a crime has to be collected. The criminal defense attorneys who are experts in criminal procedures have a system of collecting evidence in favor of the client. As this criminal defense attorney is specific about the client’s rights of the law, they maintain the doctrine ‘innocent until proven guilty’ throughout the trial of the client.

Substantive criminal law is the other section of criminal law. The criminal defense attorney specializing in substantive criminal law works with the people charged with the crime. The criminal defense attorney is usually approached by the violator of the crime. However, sometimes, the lawyer may also be selected by the court to represent the client who may not be able to hire a lawyer because of financial circumstances. The criminal defense attorney has to meet the client, and the client has to relate the scene of the crime, giving true statements. Everything spoken here is and remains confidential. Then the criminal defense lawyer has to defend the client to help him or her achieve success in the court.

You can tell if the criminal defense attorney is a good one or not by his approach to a case. The good criminal defense attorney collects as much facts of the case from the client and the investigators. It is then up to him to create a strong case wherein the client will not be charged gravely. However, in the case of the client being truly guilty of the crime, then it is up to the criminal defense attorney to present the facts of the situation such that it is possible to maintain a doubt of guilt.

The good criminal defense attorney will try his level best to make the punishment allotted to the guilty client is befitting the crime done by the client. It is always better to get some testimonials on a lawyer before hiring the criminal defense attorney. Your friends and family is the best people to approach to find out information on the criminal defense attorney. The good criminal defense attorney is one who stands by the client till the end of the trial, to make sure that the client gets as favorable an outcome as possible.

How to Choose a Defense Attorney

Just like you wouldn’t visit a podiatrist to treat an ear infection, you shouldn’t go to a tax attorney if you want to sue the driver who rear-ended your car. There are many areas of law and a lot of different types of lawyers who deal with them. When your freedom is on the line, it’s important to seek the correct representation

Whether you are being investigated for a crime or have already been charged, you want to have the best criminal defense lawyer you can afford fighting for you. A good place to start is by asking people you trust for referrals, including friends (if you feel like you can talk with them about your case), family members, and non-criminal defense attorneys that you may know. These individuals are a great resource because, rather than just gathering a list of names, you can ask questions about their suggestions such as whether the attorney was on time for appointments, reasonably available to answer questions and organized

If the thought of sharing personal details with acquaintances makes you uncomfortable, you can anonymously visit countless websites online. The American Bar Association has state-specific information and there are several professional associations specializing in criminal defense (the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys, the Association of Federal Defense Attorneys and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers are just a few). Independent legal referral websites also offer a ton of information.

A list of three or four possible attorneys is sufficient. If you find yourself overwhelmed with choices, consider researching whether the lawyer has had any publicity, your reaction to their advertising, and how many cases they have handled that are similar to yours. Years in practice do not necessarily correspond to years of experience. For example, a criminal defense lawyer who has been in practice for ten years may have handled many more criminal cases than a general practitioner or civil attorney who has been in practice for thirty. Look for a lawyer who has worked on cases like yours, and is personally acquainted with the prosecutors, judges, and procedures in your area

Choosing One

Once you’ve narrowed down the list, it’s often time to set up face-to-face meetings, although in a pinch (for example, if you get arrested and taken to jail one night and have your first court appearance the next day) much can be done over the phone or via video conference such as FaceTime or Skype. Many lawyers offer a free initial consultation. Bring along a summary of your case with details such as when you were arrested, the circumstances of the arrest, what the charges are and whether anyone else was involved. This consultation should help you understand the charges, what the prosecutor must prove or establish to find you guilty, the available defenses, any key pretrial issues, what plea bargains might be offered and the possible consequences you may face. It is important to have a lawyer who puts in sufficient time to learn about your case and plan your defense, so if you don’t feel comfortable with his or her analysis, that may be a red flag. While a lawyer can give you an idea of possible outcomes, he or she cannot promise a certain result. Any criminal defense attorney that does is not someone you should choose, because the result cannot be guaranteed in advance – it hinges on negotiations with the prosecutor at best, and a judge and jury at worst

What You Can Expect from the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you’re looking at prison time or a hefty fine, it’s a good idea to look into hiring the best criminal defense lawyer possible. You may have the ability to get a court-appointed lawyer if your income qualifies. Simply put: the legal system is designed to make competently representing yourself in criminal trials almost impossible. Even if you have an abnormally high IQ, the system does not work in your favor. Hiring an attorney to represent you in your criminal trial is a necessity.

Because no criminal case is exactly like another, criminal defense lawyers are trained to pick out the parts of each case that make them unique. In essence, they use their knowledge to find subtle evidence and reasons why you should win the case.

Daily Responsibilities of a Criminal Lawyer

Criminal attorneys often spend months preparing for a case. The preparation can take much longer than actually being in the courtroom. This way, when the case goes to court, things can move as quickly as possible, and there are no surprises in the case.

What Specific Work Does a Criminal Lawyer Do That I Can’t Do?

After the research and strategy are done, a criminal defense lawyer has many jobs. While in court, they will call witnesses in your defense and cross-examine the prosecution’s witnesses.

Specialties and Duties: Plea Bargains

Your criminal defense attorney may work with you and the prosecutor to negotiate a “plea bargain.”

What to Look for in a Private Criminal Defense Attorney

The attorney you’re looking for will probably not be the same person who handled your will, or helped you buy a house, or whom you aunt used when she was involved in a car accident. These all were civil attorneys, whereas you want someone who specializes in criminal law. (In small town, however, you may have no choice but to hire someone who practices in both areanas.)

Civil versus Criminal Attorneys

Private criminal defense lawyers tend to practice either on their own or in small partnerships, and in a specific geographical setting. By contrast, attorneys who handle civil cases tend to congregate in large corporate law firms with branch offices in many cities.

The Local Advantage

A defendant should try to hire an attorney with experience in the courthouse where the defendant’s case is pending. Though the same laws may be in effect throughout a state, procedures vary from one courthouse to another. For example, the D.A. in one county may have a no-plea-bargaining policy with respect to a certain offense, while the D.A. in a neighboring county may have no such policy. Or, defense attorneys in one county may know which prosecutors are more likely to plead right before trial, as against those who will negotiate in advance. Local attorneys also know the police officers and how they perform in court before juries. Defendants should prefer attorneys who have experience with local procedures and personnel.

Experience with the Crimes Charged

A defendant should also try to find an attorney who has represented defendants charged with the same or very similar offenses. Modern criminal law is so complex that many lawyers specialize in particular types of offenses. For example, one may specialize in drunk driving, another in drug offenses, and another in white-collar crimes (generally referring to nonviolent, money-related crimes, such as tax fraud or embezzlement).

The Personal Factor

A defendant’s lawyer speaks for the defendant. No matter how highly recommended a lawyer may be, it is also important that the lawyer be someone with whom the defendant is personally comfortable. The best attorney-client relationships are those in which clients are full partners in the decision-making process, and defendants should try to hire lawyers who see them as partners, not as case files.

Tips for Choosing a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you’ve been charged with a crime, the first thing you need after you’ve sorted out your bond with a reputable bondsman is a good criminal defense attorney. Whether you’re guilty or innocent, hiring the right lawyer can make all the difference in achieving a successful conclusion to your case. But, how do you choose the right criminal defense attorney?

Specialty in Criminal Law

There are many different types of law, including civil law, corporate law, bankruptcy law and criminal law, among others. You need an attorney who has taken the time to specialize in criminal law so that your lawyer is familiar with the laws and practices relevant to your case. If possible, find a lawyer with experience in your particular situation. For example, some lawyers specialize in DUI charges while others specialize in violent crime. The more experience your attorney has in cases like your own, the better


Ask family and friends for references to find a lawyer that they’d recommend. Alternatively, seek out online reviews that give an honest picture of how satisfied clients are with the lawyer. While even the best lawyer will have a few negative reviews, you’ll want to make sure the general public opinion about the lawyer you’re considering is positive

Use Free Consultation

Many criminal defense attorneys offer a free consultation so that you can speak with the lawyer’s team and see if you think they’d make a good fit. During this consultation, take advantage of the opportunity it affords you to ask questions. Some good things to ask about are the lawyer’s experience in court, their specialty and how long they’ve been practicing. Be wary if the lawyer seems over-confident or promises any outcomes. No serious lawyer will promise you that you’ll win your case or immediately suggest a course of action.

Know the Team

Find out who would represent you. Larger lawyer firms may assign your case to an underling while the top lawyers are busy with other clients. It’s understandable that assistants and interns may work on researching your case, but you should know who will be ultimately handling your case when it comes time to meet with the judge or go to court.

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