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Reasons To Choose Us As Your Sofa Cleaning Company

Sofa cleaning is a really tedious exercise for most individuals. Most homeowners feel that they would rather be doing more important things than clean their sofa sets. For this reason, outsourcing presents the best solution. Many homeowners find it very convenient to hire a service provider such as Singapore laundry. As we perform upholstery cleaning, there are a number of procedures we follow to ensure your furniture looks sparkling. Below are seven reasons why you should choose us as your preferred sofa cleaning company.

Seeking services of a service provider like us is really simple more so if you have allocated the budget. We cater to all your upholstery cleaning needs while ensuring we meet all your expectations. To add onto this, we will provide you with a service agreement that is reasonable since we believe that all our clients have various cleaning needs. Some may just ask for the most common routines but it is important to note that not all clients requirements are usually the same. We are highly capable of handling all types of client needs while providing them with a detailed and comprehensive breakdown of the cost of services provided.

For instance should you make enquiries to ascertain this, we will be able to give you information regarding how our personnel have been trained. Hiring firms that do not properly train their employees is likely to ruin or damage your sofa sets. In addition, personnel who do not undergo sufficient training expose you to numerous health hazards.

Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning Services

Full Content and header tag updates: We’d like to be mess-free 100% of the time, but life gets in the way of that. Kids, pets and spilled food or drink can turn your beautiful furniture into a disaster. Trust Sears Home Services with all of your furniture cleaning needs. Clean upholstery brightens up the whole room. Sears offers upholstery cleaning services to get ground-in dirt, stubborn stains and unpleasant odors out of your upholstered furniture.

wo-step upholstery cleaning process

First, a trained upholstery technician applies a heated fabric-cleaning spray to lift dirt out of the upholstery fibers.

Next, the technician uses a high-powered rinse and extraction machine to remove the dirt and cleaning solution.

New furniture is coated with built-in fabric protectors, but these wear off over time. We recommend applying new upholstery protector after each upholstery cleaning. Reapplying the protector helps maintain the beauty, color and vibrancy of your furniture. An upholstery protector not only defends your fabric from stains and spills but it buys you time to clean up a spill before a stain sets.

Quick cleaning your entry area

Make sure to inspect what your guests see when they enter your home. Clean glass on the door, remove shoes, keys and mail. Broom sweep the entry, wipe down scuffs on the door and sanitize door handles and light switches.

Quick cleaning bedrooms

Make beds, removing laundry, dump trash and quickly dust furniture

Upholstery Cleaning

Types of Upholstery Cleaning

provide hot water extraction, dry or leather cleaning depending on the upholstery type. The upholstery cleaning experts will inspect your sofa and chairs. Then, determine the most suitable cleaning technique for their fabric. We treat each furniture piece differently depending on its condition and specific maintenance requirements. The service beings by inspecting the fabric of the upholstery and choosing the most suitable cleaning method. Followed by pre-treatment of any stains. Then cleaning the upholstery and leaving it to dry. The drying time is from 2-6 hours. Depending on the fabric of the item.

Steam Cleaning

The couch steam cleaning is a process that infuses the fabric of your upholstered sofa and chairs with hot steam under high pressure. It extracts all the accumulated dirt and moisture. This method is suitable for all types of fabrics.

Takeaways: Hot water extraction removes any trace of grime, bacteria, pollen and dust that’s been accumulated inside the upholstery. Your upholstery will be left slightly damp and will dry up on its own for 2 to 6 hours depending on the fabric type and seasonality.

Dry Cleaning

The dry cleaning method is suitable for more delicate fabric. We’ll inspect the upholstery and test the cleaning solution on a small spot. Stains will be pre-treated with the proper detergents. We’ll apply a powerful liquid solvent with high pressure and infuse it deep into the fabric. The solvent will be extracted along with the dirt with the help of a commercial cleaning machine.

Pros: The process provides a gentle, yet, powerful cleaning for delicate fabrics. The high-pressure cleaning will work deep into the fabric. It will sanitise and refresh the upholstery of your sofa and chairs.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning – Having your lounge suite, couch or sofa upholstery cleaned by Carpet Cleaning is an easy way to freshen up your home. Also a freshly cleaned lounge suite is the next best thing to purchasing a new lounge suite.

experienced upholstery cleaners and Springfield Lakes use the latest upholstery cleaning methods to safely clean your delicate lounge suite upholstery. Because of our experience in cleaning lounge suites, we will have your lounge suite or sofa upholstery cleaned, deodorised and dry in no time

Don’t worry, your lounge suite or couch cleaning is in good hands. We clean hundreds of fabric lounges suites and couches every year. Therefore we have seen and dealt with all types of lounge suite cleaning needs. Be it stain removal, removing dark dirty areas on the arm rests/head rests or deodorising and sanitising. We can clean it all.

First step is to identify what type of material that we are going to clean. Most lounge suites are mircofibre/micro suede, Some are made from cotton, polyester, polypropylene or nylon. We then apply the appropriate cleaning solutions paying particular attention to the head rests and arm rests. Sometimes these areas may need a little extra agitation.

powerful truck-mount cleaning system creates its own hot water. Therefore it is no match for dirt, grime and residual odours. Combined with our effective cleaning solutions, your fabric lounge suite upholstery will be left fresh and clean.

Upholstery Cleaning

The professionals at Absolute Best Cleaning know that quality upholstered furniture can be quite an investment. Children, pets, and everyday use can leave your expensive furniture looking stained and dingy. Furniture cleaning can be a challenge. It is difficult to clean upholstery without the proper equipment, and you may do more harm than good by attempting to spot clean your own furniture. Professional upholstery cleaning will both improve the appearance of your furniture, and protect your investment by extending your furniture’s useful life. Regular upholstery cleaning will also remove indoor air pollutants such as dust mites, and pollen and will contribute to healthier indoor air quality.

First, we spray a cleaning solution onto the fabric to loosen embedded soils. We then rinse with a neutralizing solution, and extract the soil and solution from the fabric. This method, steam cleaning, is very effective on most fabrics. However, we also have the ability to dry clean certain fine fabrics such as chintz, moire, etc. Our 25 years of experience and education enable us to properly identify your fabric and choose the appropriate furniture cleaning method.

After cleaning upholstery, we recommend the application of a fiber protector. If your furniture is properly protected, you will have a better chance of cleaning up spots and spills before they become permanent.